Wednesday Evening Blog

Wednesday 31st May 2017

Diane's Blog

Tonight we were promised an evening of excitement, with a visit from Christopher Marsham, who'd travelled from Newton Abbott, to talk us through some images from his travels.

In 2015 Chris took a trip to India, and started the evening by taking us to Calcutta, with a selection of colourful street scenes. Then on to the calmer views of the Assam tea pickers, followed by yet more vibrant images, taken at fairs and festivals from some lesser known places around the country. Our final Indian destination took us to Nagaland on the border with Burma, with some amazing portrait prints of the locals.

After tea it was all change, as we left the humidity of India to travel to the colder climate of Antarctica, via an Audio Visual of Chris's journey. We boarded a Russian ice breaker at Ushuaia in Argentina to head down south to the land of snow, ice and penguins. The scenery was spectacular, and the time spent amongst the emperor penguins was an absolute privilege. Thank you so much Chris for sharing your incredible journey with us, which certainly lived up to expectations.
I think I would like to go to Antarctica, maybe a little too far for a club outing!